The 'Burbs June 11 2013

As many of you know, we moved to the 'burbs recently and boy, things are different here. My walks used to involve a half dozens stops along the way  - crispy noodles at the Chinese take-out, a donut bit on the ground in front of the local bakery, a scoop of vanilla ice cream that some poor child had dropped right outside the door of the soda shop.

I also had many friends along the way– like Butch, who always offered me watermelon from the cup on his scooter (no thank you) or Sarah, who always had cookies waiting for me at her door (more please!).  Come to think of it, I rarely went for a walk that didn’t involve a smorgasbord of delicious street food!

Now my walks consist of country roads, scenic pastures, off-the-leash dog parks and lovely wooded areas.  Yes, I know I am lucky to be in such a beautiful place, but have you ever tried to snack on a mouth full of pine needles? Blechhh!

Me, in my new environment (and probably a little slimmer)...

Sam moseley