Feeling Hot Hot Hot January 25 2012

No, I’m not on some exotic vacation, lounging by a pool, howling out party songs …but I wish I were. I am “Feeling Hot Hot Hot” due to a hot spot on my back. Hopefully your pups never experience a patch of super itch like this on their bodies.  I have to say, it’s quite uncomfortable and, in recent days, I have twisted myself into shapes that would make a Yogi envious. I’ll do anything to lick that spot for one brief moment of sweet relief.

The Boy has tried everything over the past few days to get me to stop but I just can’t keep away from it, so, the next stop is (gulp) the Vet. I don’t think I will mind going this time though. If my Vet can do anything to stop this insane itching, I will gladly march into his office and jump up on his exam table. Heck, I may even give him a thank you lick when all is said and done!