What's in a Name? August 22 2011

It recently dawned on me that I have several names and those names are reflective on what I am doing at the particular moment. For instance – when it’s time for me to eat, I hear  “Sammy Boy, check your bowl”.  When I am basking in the sun on the rug and the vacuum comes out, I may hear “Move it Sam Boney”. When playing with the Boy, he sometimes calls me “big gorilla”.  Now, I don’t know what a big gorilla is but I am sure it is as sweet and loveable as I am.  And every so often, maybe when I am licking the plates in the dishwasher or nosing through the trash, I hear “Hey dummy –cut it out”.  I’m never bothered by that name though because who was the dummy that left the lid off the trashcan anyway?