V A C A T I O N August 02 2011

It’s vacation time again! I’ll be loaded up in the car, surrounded by many belongings to make the trip an enjoyable one. I hope the Boy remembers to pack my blankey!

The destination is unknown. Will it be the lake? The beach? Maybe a cabin in the woods? I will have no idea of where I am going until I get there which makes the journey much more exciting.

Unfortunately for me, I know there is car trip involved. Have I mentioned I am not keen on car rides? I know.  I know. I should be the one with my giant white head out the window, gleefully panting and lapping up the cool wind that blows through my fur. Instead I prefer laying in the back of the truck, curled in tight ball, sleeping the journey away - that is until we stop for lunch. The one thing that makes me feel better? French fries! They may not be the best for my waistline but they do calm my nerves.

Now pass the ketchup and let’s get to where were going already!

Happy tails to you until we meet again...