Off to the Vet July 20 2011

I can feel it in the air. I think it’s time for my annual visit to the vet. I would so much rather spend my day sleeping but I recently overheard a conversation about my needing to get a new rabies shot before I could go to the groomer again. Zoowie! So I have to have a bath on top of all of this?!

I do find the waiting room at the vet somewhat interesting though.  It’s like a trip to a mini petting zoo complete with birds, kittens, chinchillas, ferrets, rabbits and guinea pigs - each looking about as thrilled to be there as I do (insert sarcastic snicker here). Once in a while there is a perky puppy there who wants to play. The poor little thing has no idea what’s in store for it behind those doors.  I’d like to see how perky it is at their next visit.

Oh no…I hear The Girl calling me with that sweet “Come Sammy Boy” voice she uses when they are either piling me into the car for a long car trip (insert carsick burp here), taking me to the groomer (insert reluctant stance here), or bringing me to the vet (insert bewildered look here).

Better muster up the courage…it’s go time.