What to Pack? July 22 2010

So I am told that we’re about to embark on a beach vacation up in Maine and I feel the need to help pack. Just wondering what I should bring?

Dog bowl?

√ Check.

My special, all natural, boring, tasteless dog food?

√ Check. Although I have hopes of getting lots of extra treats…. like ice cream!

My extra huge bed which barely fits into the car?

√ Check.

Dog collar?

√ Check. Don’t want to get lost so far from home.

Chew Toy?

Nope.  There should be lots of rocks,  shells and drift wood to chew on!


√ Check. Got to keep up my natural white glow and protect that pink nose of mine!


Humm....Leash and vacation sound like a contradiction. I think I will conveniently “forget” to pack this one item.

OK – think that’s it. I’m packed and ready to hit the road.

Look out lobsters! Here I come!