BURRR! January 08 2010

Burr!  It’s about to get amazingly cold here in NJ over the next few days and I am thrilled! I appreciate, love and look forward to days of cold, biting weather. The crisp air energizes me and gives a spring to my step (or maybe I’m just trying to keep my paws from freezing to the ground)!

The cold is easy for me  - I have an incredibly thick coat of fur that keeps me snuggly warm. My poor, dear family is not so lucky. On our walks I can barely recognize who is who underneath the hats, scarves, and coats. My best guess at who is who is by size, from smallest bundle (my lil' sister, Tess) to the largest bundle (my owner, Sir).  I could stay out all day and play if they’d let me, but I take pity on their shivering and head in early.

Here’s a recent picture of me enjoying the cold. I’ve been told that I look like a polar bear (and am certainly almost as big as one).  What do you think?